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Must-haves for the perfect New Years party

2020 has been a very eventful year so far, a roller coaster of highs and lows. The endless boring nights spent at home social distancing were almost torture! Good news for us though – the year’s coming to an end. Enough of the post-lockdown pandemic blues, it’s time to lift some spirits! New year time calls for a party, and this time it has to better than ever. We’ve got a collection of super cool essentials that will increase the fun factor to your new year’s party!

We’ve curated a list of super cool and unique items that you absolutely cannot miss. So, check out this list of our new year’s party must-haves, and make your party worth all these boring nights! 


Sepoy & Co. Grapefruit Tonic

You can’t miss out on tonic water when it comes to making some awesome drinks. Sepoy & Co. are international award-winning mixers who create low-calorie sparkling drinks made of 100% natural ingredients. They have a collection of low-calorie drinks in super unique, unheard-of flavours, but our favourite is their Spiced Grapefruit Tonic. It’s a super versatile grapefruit drink with a hint of spices like cardamom, cinnamon and clove, best enjoyed chilled by itself or paired with your favourite spirits! Tonic from @sepoyandco.


Svami Rum & Cola

When you’re partying at home, who knows what kind of commitments you might have the next morning. Working or tidying the house post-partying with a hangover is a headache- literally. Or well, maybe you just don’t do alcohol. Anyhow, don’t you worry! We have the perfect drink for you. This heavenly drink tastes just like Rum & Cola with lime, and is 100% alcohol-free! A low-calorie drink flavoured with vanilla, caramel and cinnamon, it’s a perfect drink for days when you just can’t afford a hangover! Drink from @svamidrinks.


Card by Cards vs. Sanskaar

You can’t not have this insane card game for your party! The Indian version of Cards vs Humanity, this game will make any gathering 10x more fun! It’s quite possibly the easiest game you’ve come across. Black cards contain questions/prompts, the orange cards contain joke punchlines. Match them into hilarious combinations. Full of dark jokes and wise-cracks on current affairs, this one is sure to make your friends laugh! Game from @cardsvssanskaar.


Tea Trunk Cocktail Kit

House parties bring out everyone’s inner mixologist. Looking to whip up some stunningly delicious cocktails and impress your guests? This cocktail kit has everything you need for a fancy new year’s cocktail. Essentials for a home bar, 3 key cocktail ingredients, and instructions on how to get the perfect cocktail, it’s all in there! Impress your friends with some fancy cocktails! Cocktail kit from @teatrunk.


Card game by House of Sasha

Another party game, but we promise it’s worth it! It’s a collection of six card games from House of Sasha that’ll light up any party. Each game is super entertaining and fun and will get you drunk by the end of it. It’s spicy, scandalous and sinfully fun! Get the party started! Game from @thehouseofsasha.


Jowar Puffs by The Healthy Cravings Co.

The Healthy Cravings Co makes slow-roasted homegrown healthy snacks for the health-conscious. It makes sense to keep your calories in check even while partying and having fun, right? These herbs and sun-dried tomato flavoured jowar puffs is the perfect partner for a drink! Enjoy these roasted puffs as a healthy “chakna” alternative, or munch on them on their own! It’s the little choices that make all the difference, you’ll thank yourself tomorrow. Snack from @healthycravingsco.


Champagne Glasses by Ikkis

Bored of regular boring looking wine glasses? You need some quirky glasses to pour your drinks in that’ll make your friends jealous of your collection. And we have the perfect ones for you. We’re absolutely swooning over these beautiful glasses! Classic chai glass shape with a stem handle, these glasses are the perfect mix of classy, quirky and elegant, and a must-have for any party! Glasses from @ikkis.21.

After the roller-coaster of a year 2020 has been, we’ve all got high hopes for the new year. 2021 deserves to be welcomed with a bash! Our list of super cool and unique must-have items will help you plan your perfect new year’s party!

Mansi Dobhal

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