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10 Indian underwear brands to upgrade your innerwear game!

Underwear is essential to all – but to most, it has been an insignificant afterthought, something barely noteworthy. We have gotten ahead of the days of Rupa and Lux Cozy (thank god!). Even so, for the longest time, innerwear in India has been just utilitarian. Indian innerwear brands have only been modest, minimal and merely functional. No thought went into buying underwear, why go beyond the basic (and boring) black and white? Right? 

No! Gone are the days of dull and drab underwear bought in a hush, shoved into black bags and rushed home. There has been a surge of strikingly creative, superbly unique and, not to mention, INSANELY comfy innerwear brands in India. These brands are on a mission –  providing you with underwear specifically engineered for utmost comfort. And at the same time, keeping you SUPER chic, trendy and *hip*, pun intended ;).

These brands are reshaping the innerwear industry in India, and we don’t want you to miss out on them! So here’s a list of Top 10 offbeat innerwear brands in India, for those of us who like to feel snazzy- inside out.


Underwear by Bummer
Underwear from Bummer

How would you like the feeling of having your “bums on a cloud”? With it’s a super fun and trendy collection of briefs and boxers, Bummer promises just that – buttery soft fabric for cheeky comfort all day long. Every piece is created with the lightweight and breathable Lenzing Micromodal fabric blended with elastane. They craft the perfect blend for underwear that will keep you in maximum comfort. Bummer has us swooning over it’s fun, preppy prints and trendy cuts, all designed to make you look spiffy!

Tailor and Circus 

Underwear by Tailor and Circus
Underwear from Tailor and Circus

This natural and sustainable homegrown label is all the rage right now. Tailor and Circus is set out to craft a seriously comfortable underwear. Underwear that is 3x softer than cotton, with increased breathability and anti-microbial protection. What’s more, it’s completely natural and sustainable! Tailor and Circus has got the grooviest designs and gender-neutral, unisex prints – so you never have to limit yourself. Try them for yourself and you’ll see what we mean!

The Underworld Co

Underwear from The Underworld Co

Why limit yourself to just florals and hearts when it comes to women’s undies? This women-led, homegrown brand has the funkiest prints in town! The Underworld Co will give you prints that are bold and fun, prints that are sure to make you giggle. It’s about time we moved on from hypersexualised underwear for women. Highlighting the ‘fun’ in functionality, The Underworld Co creates super comfortable and super cool underwear, to make women feel fashionable and fun all at once! In their own words, “the art comes and sits quietly on the bum”. 

Wear Equal

Underwear from Wear Equal

Combining fashion and activism, this socially and environmentally conscious brand is making big leaps in the Indian innerwear industry. Wear Equal uses pre-loved up-cycled cotton to create soft and breezy underwear, for women of all shapes and body-types. Having inclusivity as one of their core principles, they have sizes ranging from XS to 4XL, meeting the needs of every woman looking for chic and organic underwear. Created with love and shipped in eco-friendly packaging, Wewearequal is sure to win your heart!

Oneleph & Co

Underwear from Oneleph & Co

We bet you haven’t seen bolder or quirkier prints on underwear. Oneleph & Co brings to you patterns so cool and so unconventional, you’ll have a hard time not ordering one for yourself! Keeping sustainability in mind, they use organic colours and reusable packing. Of course, comfort remains one of their top priorities, using high-quality fabric to create an underwear that feels extremely comfortable, and looks super cool! What more could you possibly ask for?

Beyond Underwear

Underwear from Beyond Underwear

Ever heard of bamboo underwear? That’s right, Beyond underwear provides men’s underwear made of bamboo fabric, which is 5x softer than cotton, and much more sustainable. Their underwear is anti-bacterial and odour free. Bamboo fibre is naturally cooling and moisture-wicking so you don’t have to worry about comfort at all! With a classy cut and design, and it’s undeniable comfort, this underwear will make it difficult for you to switch to anything else!


Underwear from Butt-chique

Butt-chique is a one-stop-shop for all your shapewear needs. With thin and lightweight fabric that feels like second skin, Butt-chique is a pioneer in providing shapewear for all body types, big and small. Seamless and body-contouring are the defining qualities of their products. Their extremely body- positive approach is refreshing in these times of hypersensitivity surrounding women’s bodies. If you’re looking for shapewear that fits perfectly AND makes you feel sexy,  Butt-chique is the place for you!


Underwear from XYXX

Providing a fashionable edge to eco-friendly fabrics to create designs that are elegant, classy and fun, XYXX is on a mission to reform the innerwear and loungewear culture in India. Providing functional loungewear and ultra-soft and breezy underwear for men, XYXX will make you feel majestic in your everyday essentials.

What’s Down

Underwear from What’s Down

Looking for comfortable, quirky and cool boxers for men? What’s Down is the place for you! This Indian innerwear brand for men has boxers with fun and snazzy prints. Whether you want party boxers, sleep boxers, work boxers or chill boxers, What’s down has you covered! You will love boxers that keep you comfortable while making you look cool, and that’s a promise. 


Underwear from DaMensch

If you’re one that loves his underwear classy and sophisticated with a little edge, you definitely want to check out DaMENSCH. This men’s innerwear brand brings tasteful contemporary designs and blends it with optimum quality fabric to create the perfect underwear. Not only that, they have a commitment to providing their customers with the maximum value for their money. We’re sure you will want to switch to DaMENSCH for all your innerwear needs.

Everyone deserves underwear that looks great and feels even better. So go ahead and splurge your heart out on these incredible Indian innerwear brands. We absolutely love them, and so will you!

Mansi Dobhal

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