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Negative customer reviews are a good thing

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I know you think that the title is clickbaity, or I have simply lost my mind. But before you decide for sure, hear me out…

No business likes a bad customer review. But truth be told, there will always be people who go unsatisfied. And that is fine! We all (including your prospective customers) know that no thing or even a person can make EVERYONE happy.

Building Trustvocate, we often get brands asking us if we can take their one-star reviews down. Technically we sure can, but we NEVER would. Why? Because negative reviews are a good thing. Yes, I said it again. Here’s why 👇🏼

For a second, imagine seeing a brand that is rated 5 stars by 220 customers and another that is rated 4.3 stars by 100 customers. Which one are you likely to trust more? I know the answer because your instinct is extremely common. Research shows that as high as 95% of consumers get suspicious of fake reviews if there are no bad scores (Revoo, 2013). So when you have no negative reviews, your customers will assume that ALL your reviews are fake (even if they aren’t).

Additionally, negative reviews open a conversation between the brand and its customer. Spiegel Research Centre found that consumers spend four times as long interacting with negative reviews. This is because negative reviews let people see how you interact with customers who are mad at you. When you respond to your one-star review, people get to hear your side of the story and that extremely critical. When someone leaves you a review saying that their item was delivered broken, people want to see your response to that. This way, they’ll know how you’d deal with them if in case things go wrong.

Ultimately, an all five-star shining profile is actually counter-productive. Negative reviews enable people to trust the hundreds of positive reviews you have and at the same time, it shows people how you deal with the rare, unsatisfied customers.

Before you go, remember that the sweet spot is between the star rating of 4.0 – 4.7. The conversions start to fall as the rating gets closer to 5.0 (Spiegel Research Center, 2017).

Negative customer reviews are indeed not all that bad. With me on that now?

Hriday Agarwal

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